Wednesday, July 27, 2011

acer aspire 3810t 3810tz 3810tg lcd backlight broken, not working

  This laptop has a problem with the lcd backlight leds. I read all over the net people complaining about their lcd, about one or all leds not working.

  The lcd unit is "AUO B133XW01 V2" (acer p/n LK.13305.002) as you can see in the following picture.

   Acer knows about this problem, and if was notebook still has warranty they will replace your screen with "lg LP133WH2-TLA3" (acer p/n LK.13308.002) , so you won't have this problem in the future.

  Mine was out of warranty so i had to buy a new lcd (120$ from China) or repair the broken one. 

  If you don't know how to take out the screen, check this page.

  The problem actually is the flex that goes to the backlight, because of the  angle and the heat, the paths inside the flex will be destroyed.

The flex has 6 wires. 4 of them are for each led. I managed hardly to repair somehow this flex, don't know how much it will last considering the led consumpion is 4W on such tiny paths.

Here is the result: